Upgrade band: Art

1. Do you like art? Band 4.0 I don’t like art much because I can not draw beautiful pictures as other people.
Band 5.0-6.0 Not really. I remember as a child I used to be one of the children who couldn’t even draw a line straight. The kind of children art teachers felt pity about in the art classes during my teenage years. But, yes, I do love playing with colors. Thanks to those classes, I can now draw simple things or objects. Nâng cấp Lexical resource + ngữ pháp

– Don’t like much -> not really

Feel pity : cảm thấy đáng thương

–  Can not draw -> Couldn’t even draw

Band 7.0+ Well, when it comes to art, I would say that art is the one subject that most people neglect and I am no exception because drawing is not my innate talent. The art classes which I attended were a great help during my growing years and taught me lot of creativity. Therefore, I quite fond of visual arts, especially fine arts and decorative arts. I myself now can designing and drawing static things with colors but creating portraits or scenery, I really am not good at them. Nâng cấp Lexical resource + mở rộng câu trả lời

– Couldn’t even draw -> not my innate talent:  không phải tài năng thiên phú

– teenage years -> growing years

Love -> Fond of

Visual art: art that is appreciated by sight.

Fine art: paintings, sculptures, film-making, print-making.

Decorative art:  arts or crafts which are both beautiful and functional

– simple things -> Static things


2.   What benefits can you get from painting as a hobby? Band 4.0 Painting helps people become more creative. It also a good way to relax and reduce stress
Band 5.0-6.0


Well, there are several benefits that painting can bring to us. It not only enhances our creativity but also is a good means of entertaining. We can let our imagination develop freely while making art works. Besides, we can find it interesting and fun when discovering the meaning of each painting. – More creative -> Enhance our creativity

– Reduce stress -> a good means of entertaining

 Let our imagination develop freely:  Để trí tưởng tượng bay cao

Find it interesting: Thú vị

Band 7+ Painting allows us to be creative, to make choices and helps in healing. Painting does fire my imagination. Besides, it is not just about painting the perfect portrait but about letting your thoughts on the paper. Interpreting the meaning and comprehending the emotion of the artists that is depicted on each masterpiece are wonderful. When people do it, it really affects their psychology making them happier and more content with life. – Let our imagination develop freely ->  fire my imagination

– Meaning of each painting -> emotion of the artists that is depicted on each masterpiece


3. Have you ever visited an art gallery? Band 3-4 Yes, I have visited some art galleries near my house. They displayed different kinds of art such as drawing, painting, model or craft.
Band 5-6 Definitely yes, I am really into art so I always find art galleries near my house to visit once having chance. Most of the galleries in Hanoi exhibit archaic artworks which are not my favorite ones. I myself prefer modern art, which is shown in just some few art exhibitions. –  display -> exhibit

Modern art: Nghệ thuật hiện đại

Art exhibitions: triển lãm nghệ thuật

Band 7+ I am a bit of a culture vulture and so I am always on the look out for the newest art showcases in my town. There are only a handful, though, and most of the galleries in Hanoi feature archaic exhibits and historical-themed artworks, which are pretty boring for me. As most people of my age, I prefer looking at curated collections of modern art, and some art centers near my house can provide just the experience. – Be into art -> a culture vulture

Exhibit archaic artworks -> Hanoi feature archaic exhibits

 historical-themed artworks: các tác phẩm về chủ đề lịch sử

 looking at curated collections: Tìm kiếm các bộ sưu tập được chọn lọc


4. What kinds of painting do people like? Band 3-4 Each person will have different favorite of artworks. A lot of people like paintings created in 15th or 16th century. However, I like the modern paintings most.
Band 5-6 This is a choice, I believe varies among people. It is widely agreed that people love paintings in the Renaissance period because of theirs both uniqueness and attraction from time to time. Unlike those people, I prefer artworks that belong to modern period, simply because the artists in this period bravely went off the beaten track of arts and put their uniqueness inside their works. –  different favorite of artworks ->  varies among people

A lot of people ->  widely agreed

15th and 16th century ->  the Renaissance period: thời kỳ phục hưng

However -> unlike

–  Modern paintings -> Paintings that belong to modern period: thuộc về thời kỳ hiện đại

– Go off the beaten track

– Uniqueness: sự độc đáo


Band 7+ To be honest, aesthetic preference is something that can vary from person to person. But something we can agree on is that paintings from the Renaissance are indeed the most well-like, either for their unmatched virtuoso or for their timeless appeal. That is not the case for me, though, because as I mentioned before, I prefer pieces that have an avant-garde feel to it –  aesthetic preference : Gu thẩm mĩ

Agree on: Đồng tình

Indeed the most well-like: thực sự được ưa chuộng nhất

–  virtuoso: Kỹ năng bậc thầy (về nghệ thuật)

Timeless appeal: Sức hút vô tận

–  avant-garde feel: Có nét tiên phong, phá cách


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