Upgrade band: Holidays

1. What kind of places do you like to go on holidays? Band 4.0 I like to visit/travel to big cities where activities as festivals and events are held. But sometimes, I also choose to go picnic in the countryside instead to enjoy the fresh air there.
Band 5.0-6.0 For the most part, I would like to go to the places of interest on holiday. I prefer going to the crowded streets with many people buying and talking. But sometimes, I have an idea of doing something different so I would like to go picnic in the suburbs to do everything on my own and to escape the city life. Nâng cấp Lexical resource + ngữ pháp

City -> The crowded streets

Enjoy fresh air -> Escape the city life

Countryside -> Suburbs

Band 7.0+ Well, when it comes to holiday destinations, the first thing that springs to mind is the choosing tourist traps. I love how the street are packed with both tourists and locals and also the exciting vibe of people buying and talking. However, once in a while, I’d like to go off the beaten track to go to some self-catering picnic sites in the suburbs. I just want to spend some time for myself and get away from city life. Nâng cấp Lexical resource + mở rộng câu trả lời

– Crowded street -> tourist traps

People -> Tourists and locals

– Exciting vibe: Không khí vui vẻ

– Sometimes -> Once in a while

– Do something different -> go off the beaten track

Do everything on my own -> Go to some self-catering

2.  Who would you like to go on a holiday with? Band 4.0 I like to go out with my friends on short holidays such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve. In long holiday as Tet, will spend time with my family.
Band 5.0-6.0


Well, if it is a western holiday such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, I would go somewhere with a couple of my friends. We could have a pint of beers and hang out. However, if it’s our Vietnamese Holiday like Lunar New Year , I would enjoy the holiday time with my family and relatives. – Short holidays->  Western holidays

– Some friends -> A couple of my friends

– Go out -> A pint of beers and hang out

– Spend time with my family -> enjoy the holiday time with my family and relatives

Band 7+ It depends on what kinds of holiday it is. For me, I always consider Western holidays a perfect time for friends. So on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, I would spend the holiday crushing a few beers, playing game and having some chit-chat with my friends. But if it is a traditional important time of the year like Tet, our Vietnamese Lunar New Year, I think I would be a family person. I mean, we can celebrate the holiday with a lavish table of food and savor it while watching TV in a cozy ambiance. – Have a pint of beers -> Crushing a few beers

– Vietnamese holiday -> Traditional important time of the year

Spending time with family -> A family person

A lavish table of food: Bàn thịnh soạn đồ ăn

Savor: Thưởng thức

3. Where do you plan to go for a holidays in the future? Band 3-4 I want to travel to Danang city because it is the most suitable place for a person who has a little money like me. I love the beautiful beaches there so much. Another place that I want to travel is a foreign country, Korea. I choose this country because I really like the traditional culture there.
Band 5-6 Honestly, I have just graduated from university so you know, I have a very tight budget, that’s why I think I would just go traveling to Danang. This is located in the Central Vietnam, to enjoy the beaches and the breath-taking sceneries here. If I have more money, I will choose Korea as my must-go destination to gain more knowledge about their long-lasting culture. I hope that I can visit Korea one day. – Little money -> Tight budget

– Beautiful -> Breath-taking

– The place that I want to travel -> A must-go destination

– Traditional culture -> Long lasting culture.

Band 7+ Well, given the fact that I’m a fresh graduate who has to live on a shoestring so I would just go traveling domestically. So, in the near future, my to-go destination is could be Da Nang city, which is a tourism city located in Central Vietnam. You know, Da Nang has acquired a reputation for its immaculate beaches, and breath- taking sceneries. On the other hand, if my budget permits, I am yearning for travelling to Korea to broaden my horizons about their long-lasting culture. But it’s just my long-term plans so maybe I would have to set aside a lot of money for that. – Have just graduated -> A fresh graduate

– Tight budget -> Live on a shoestring

Domestically : nội địa

Acquire the reputation for N/V-ing: nổi tiếng về

Immaculate beaches: Bãi biển trong xanh

– If I have more money -> If my budget permits

– Yearn for: Khao khát

– Gain knowledge->Broaden my knowledge

– Set aside: Saving money


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