Một số Phrasal verb thường dùng có chứa động từ Bring và Carry


Bring in:

  • To introduce a new law/system

(The government need to bring in more laws regarding the environment)

Bring on:

  • To cause something unpleasant to occur

(She nearly died of a heart attack brought on by the fear)

Bring something to light: make something become widely known

(The research has brought to light a lot of information on early dinosaurs)

Bring up:

  • Bring something up: raise something to discuss in a conversation
  • Bring someone up: raise someone

Bring out:

  • Publish/produce/launch a new product or publication

(The author is planning to bring out his newest book)

  • Emphasize/make something more evident

(The hat really brings out her beautiful eyes)

  • Bring someone out: encourage them to be more confident

Bring something about: cause something to happen

(Human activities have brought about severe changes to the environment)           

Bring someone/something into line: to force someone/something to be similar or of the same standard as someone/something else.

(Trying to bring him in line will only waste his talents)

Bring off: achieve something successfully

(It is very hard to bring off the first prize)

Bring someone down:

  • Make someone unhappy
  • Make someone (of high position) lose power

(The king were brought down, which lead to the fall of his dynasty)

Bring around:

  • Bring someone round (around): bring someone to consciousness
  • Persuade someone to agree with something

(I was able to bring her around quitting smoking)


Carry on:

  • Carry on with something: continue doing an activity
  • Carry something on: engage in an activity

Carry out:

  • To perform or complete an activity or job

(He carried out the lecture perfectly)

Carry off:

  • To take someone/something away by force
  • To win a prize

(I can’t believe he carried off the first place)

Carry through:

  • To bring someone/something safely out of difficulty
  • To bring a project to completion

(The plan was carried through by him alone)

Carry away: lose self control

(I got carried away because I was too excited)

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