Các Phrasal Verb thông dụng có chứa động từ Make và Do


Do in: (Do someone in): kill someone

Do without something: manage without something that is needed

(The workers could do without some of their tools)

Do up:

  • Renovate a room/building
  • Wrap something (into a package)
  • Do oneself up: make oneself more attractive

Do something off your own bat: do something without being asked or told to do

(You need to learn to clean up off your own bat)

Do someone down: criticize someone unfairly

(There’s no need to do her down like that, she’s new here)

Do over:

  • Mess up a place while searching for something
  • Decorate/furnish a room/building

(This room really needs a do over!)

Do away with:

  • Something: put an end to something

(The government have to find a way to do away with poaching)

  • Someone: kill someone

Do for: (thường dùng ở thể bị động) ruin/destroy/kill something/someone

(Oh no, it’s raining! Our picnic is done for!)



Make up:

  • Cosmetics applied to improve one’s appearance (trang điểm)
  • Make up with someone: end a disagreement with someone (làm lành)
  • Make something up: say something that is not true (bịa ra)
  • Make up for something: compensate for a loss (đền bù)

(The insurance firm sent us some money to make up for the accident)

  • Take up/account for a portion of something

(Nitrogen makes up about 80% of the gases in our atmosphere)

Make out:

  • Manage to see/hear something despite difficulties

(It’s really hard to make out what is in a distance with this fog)

  • Understand something

(Even though I tried really hard, I still can’t make out what he is saying)

Make off:

  • Make/walk off with something: steal something and take it away

Make over: change something in order to make it better

(This place looks a whole lot different after the make over)

Make for:

  • Help to make something possible

(Integrating technologies into teaching would make for more flexible ways of studying)

  • To head for something

(He immediately made for the shower when he got home)

Make do: manage with the limited or inadequate means available

(We haven’t found the instruction book yet, but we can make do)

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