Upgrade band: Sports

1. Do you like playing sports? Band 4.0 Yes, I do like playing sports and swimming is the activity that I love most. I often go swimming because I can make friends and improve my health. It is also a good way to reduce stress.
Band 5.0-6.0 Well I’m really into sports, especially swimming. Swimming is a great way for me to make friends and broaden my social circle of friends. Besides, it is also beneficial for my health such as keeping fit or getting lean if I go swimming regularly. Finally, swimming is good for my mental health as well because it helps me to relax and chill out after working or studying  

Nâng cấp Lexical resource + ngữ pháp

– Like -> be (really) into

– Make friends -> broaden my social circle of friends

– Improve my health -> Beneficial for my health

– Get lean: giảm cân

– Mental health : tinh thần

– Reduce stress -> chill out

Band 7.0+ Well, I think I am a sports aficionado. Although I’m not good at it, but my favorite one is swimming. You know I can often meet new people and make companionships thanks to doing sports. And as I think that, practicing a sport on a regular basis does wonder for my health. It keeps me in shape as well as relieve my back and neck pains. And last but not least, I go swimming to put myself at ease after a stressful working day. Nâng cấp Lexical resource + mở rộng câu trả lời

-Be into ->  Be + N + aficionado

– Make companionships: làm thân với mọi người

Regularly -> On a regular basis

Beneficial for -> Do wonder for +N

Keep fit -> Stay in shape

Chill out -> Put oneself at ease


2.  What sport are popular in your country? Band 4.0 I think the most popular sport in my country is football. It is an easy outdoor activity that everyone can play and enjoy everyday..
Band 5.0-6.0


From my point of view, in Vietnam, football is the most well-known sport. Football is famous for being an easy sport that everyone can access. With balls, some friends and two goals, everything is set and a match can start everywhere. It’s so fun and joyful. – Popular -> well-known

Famous for: Được biết đến như là…

Band 7+ I guess, in Vietnam right now, it is football. Football is reputed to be the king of sports because of its easy accessibility. All you need to play football is just a ball, a few friends and two goals, which you can always make or create simply by marking the ground with, you know, a piece of clothing or bags, for example. And I think as a competitive sport, football can be really enjoyable to watch and play – Famous for -> Repute to

– King of sport : môn thể thao vua

– Easy accessibility : Dễ tiếp cận

– Competitive: Có tính cạnh tranh


3. Do you think it is important to play a sport? Band 3-4
Yes, of course. Playing sport is good for our body and it also helps us to refresh our mind and makes friends.
Band 5-6 Definitely yes. There are several benefits coming from playing sports. It not only helps us to improve our physical health but also solve our metal problems and avoid getting diseases. Besides, it’s also a good way to make friends. – good for body and mind-> improve physical health and solve our mental problems.

avoid getting diseases


Band 7 Of course. I think it’s essential for everybody to take up a sport, because, you know, as I mentioned before. Playing sports brings great benefits to your health. It helps to lower the risk of modern diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart attack. Anyway, at the end of the day, your body is the only place you’ve got to live, right? So I think you’d better take care of it. Therefore, playing sports is an effective way which helps us blow off some steam after stressful working or studying days – Avoid getting diseases -> lower the risk of something: làm giảm nguy cơ

modern diseases

the place you’ve got to live

– refresh my mind -> blow off some steam

4. What sport do you like to try in the future? Band 3-4 In the future, I want to try climbing since I love to see all the beautiful view from the top of mountains
Band 5-6 Well, in the future, I will give climbing a try. I am long for observing all the beautiful view below the top of the high mountains. Climbing to the top of the mountain and admire that view would be an amazing and unforgettable experience to me. – Love -> long for

– Try -> Give sth a try

– See -> Observe

Amazing and unforgettable experience

Band 7 Well, there are many sports that I would like to have a crack at, but if I have to choose one, that would be climbing. You know, I have always dreamt of climbing Mount Fuji, which is the highest peak in Japan. I can’t imagine myself reaching the summit and getting to appreciate the stunning and breathtaking view of the scenery below. That would be absolutely amazing as I will be on the top of the world. – Give sth a try -> have a crack at

Can’t imagine oneself reaching sth : Không thể tưởng tượng được ai làm gì

– Top -> summit

Stunning: Choáng ngợp

Breathtaking: ngoạn mục


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