Upgrade Band: Celebrities

1.Do you like any celebrities from your own country?
Band 4.0
Yes, my favorite celebrity in my country is A singer.
Band 5-6
Yes, I have been a big fan of (Bich Phuong singer) since I was young. She is one of the top influencers in Vietnam because of her unique voice and good behavior.
Nâng cấp Lexical resource + ngữ pháp
Favorite -> be a big fan of
Band 7+
Well, my heroin growing up is (Bich Phuong singer). And for me, she is hands down one of the most influential artists in Viet Nam. She has a unique singing voice, which is so catchy. Also, I look up to her simply because she is such a likable celebrity, you know, she is always thankful for her fans and set a role model for her fans. And what I love most about her is that even though she is one of the wealthiest, most famous people in Vietnam, she still stays funny, humble, and very authentic.
Nâng cấp Lexical resource + mở rộng câu trả lời
– Big fan of -> Heroin
– Since I was young-> Growing up: Từ nhỏ đến lớn
– One of the top-> Hands down one of the most: chắc chắn là một trong những
Influential : có sức ảnh hưởng
Catchy: bắt tai
Look up to: ngưỡng mộ
Authentic: Thật
2.Do you think celebrities in your country have a significant influence on fans?
Band 4.0
Yes, of course. They have a big influence on their fans.
Band 5-6
Definitely. I think each celebrity has a significant influence on their own fans via social media. Through posting their photos on social networking sites,  they can send their positive energy to their fan. However, a lot of idols now are still causing bad  effects that may lead to bad behaviours of their fans.
Nâng cấp Lexical resource + ngữ pháp
Significant influence: ảnh hưởng nhất định
Band 7+
Definitely yes, I think celebrities have a profound influence on their fanbase. One of the most significant influences is social media. On the one hand, if they post something positive, for example, like encourage their fans to take action to protect the environment or inspire them to love themselves more, I would really appreciate that. However, I’m quite upset that plethora of celebrities are using social media as a platform to share their unacceptable things of themselves that portray an improper standard. Thus, this would affect their fans’ mental health and body image.
Nâng cấp Lexical resource + ngữ pháp + mở rộng câu trả lời
– Significant -> profound influence
– Their own fans -> fanbase
– Social media -> media platform
– bad effects -> portray an improper standard
3. Do you like any foreign celebrities?
Band 4.0
Yes, my favorite foreign celebrities are Talor Swift and Emma Watson. Emma is pretty and Taylor’s voice is beautiful.
Band 5-6
Yes, I am big on Taylor Swift and Emma Watson because they are both pretty and successful. Taylor is a talented composer and also a singer. She performs her own songs. Emma has became a popular actress since she played the main role in Harry Potter film.
– Favorite -> Be big on (really love)
Talented composer
– Popular actress
– Played the main role
Band 7+
Yes, I am a massive fan of Taylor Swift and Emma Watson. For me, they are both amazing stunning women with their capabilities and talents. While Taylor is known for her distinguished ability to compose her music and present them beautifully. Meanwhile, Emma acquires a reputation for her iconic character as Hermione in Harry Potter. They also are advocates for gender equality and empower women and give them confidence in themselves. Thanks to these wonderful women, I’ve also worked on my self-confidence and self-esteem over the years. 
– Big Fan -> Massive fan
– Talented composer -> distinguished ability to compose
Popular -> Acquire the reputation for
– Iconic character
advocates for gender equality: Đấu tranh cho bình đẳng giới
Self confident , self esteem: sự tự tin, lòng tự trọng
4. Would you like to be a celebrity?
Band 4
Yes, I want to be a celebrity one day so that I can enjoy the fame and the richness of being a famous person.
Band 5-6
Yes, I would love to become a celebrity in one day of my life. Since I am a normal girl, I want to see how it feels like when I am well-off. I also so excited when having chance to appear on magazines and public means of communication.
– Want to-> would love to become
– Rich -> Well-off
– Famous -> Appear on public means of communication.
Band 7+
Yes, I long for experiencing how a day in the life of a celebrity is one day. You know, I am a very normal girl in this world, so I want to see how it feels like when I am an affluent and well-known celebrity. I really want to experience how it’s like to wear high-end clothes, drive in an ostentatious/ fancy/ expensive car, or take a luxury holiday in a fancy place. I also cant wait for the moment that every brands and magazines roll out the red carpet to offer me to appear on their cover.
– Would love to -> long for
– Famous and rich-> Affluent and well-known
– High-end clothes: quần áo cao cấp
Ostentatious: Phô trương
Roll out the red carpet: Trải thảm đỏ
5. Do you think famous people deserve to have no privacy?
Band 4
Yes, I do. They become popular among people, as a result, their activities will be followed by many people
Band 5-6
Well, I think this idea not really true. It’s obvious that when they are famous, they will lose their privacy. Every single activity of the celebrities will be public on all social networking sites. But I think that they are also normal human like us, they will also deserve to have their private life.
Follow by others -> Lose their privacy
Band 7+
It’s partly true. I know that some might say famous people have to accept the fact that they are in the public eye, so everything they do will attract media coverage/ attention, and the public will pry into the private life of the celebrities. But I believe that they are just like us, they have their rights to, let’s say, choose their life partner or private moments with their own family, and they could make the mistakes as we do, so I think the press should not intrude on their privacy, or create fake scandals for celebrities.
– Famous -> in the public eye
– Lose their privacy -> Attract media coverage/attention
Social networking sites -> the press: báo chí nói chung
– Intrude on their privacy : xâm phạm đời tư

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